justeatthefreakingchocolate asked: Hi~ Kamusta ka na?

Hii! Mabuti naman. De joke lang. Natatae ako -_-

awkwardmoan replied to your post: I want to see Eren in _______I’ll draw…

eren barefoot and in jeans :)

I’m doing this one tonight.  :3

no-other-words replied to your post: I want to see Eren in _______I’ll draw…

thick christmas-themed ribbon, nicely-wrapped around his birthday-suit ending with a big bow-tie on his head; finishing with christmas-colour stockings :3

sdsjhskjdfsd I- I will be saving this for christmas @.@ hahaha

Since it’s almost October, I chose this one first~ :3

What do you want to see Eren in? (IpersonallywanthiminLevi) Drop your comments here. I’ll choose another one in two days :D

mind-of-mima replied to your post: I want to see Eren in _______I’ll draw…

an Oktoberfest-Outfit!

I LOVE THIS. I’m doing this one first~ :D I’m doing a lot more so keep em coming guys. :)

I want to see Eren in _______

I’ll draw the best suggestions :3 

http://donamoeba.tumblr.com/post/98703617699/hetalia-world-stars-ch-3-english-scanlation donamoeba

Hetalia World✩Stars Ch.3 [English Scanlation]



It’s here~~~!! Many thanks to pandabaozi  for proofreading/cleaning/typsetting and spaghettifelice for the translation of page 3 (poor Germany always misunderstood…) Page 1-2 by me. :D

Due to tumblr’s image size restriction, the text may be unreadable.  I’ll add a link to bigger images at the hetalia archive in the future.






Here are imgur links to the full sized images, if you’re eager to read them~

Page 01
Page 02
Page 03

here you go anon :’)


http://attack-on-the-feelings.tumblr.com/post/95861882305/parent-what-does-a-cow-say-baby-moo-parent attack-on-the-feelings
  • Parent: What does a cow say?
  • Baby: Moo!
  • Parent: Yay!! What does a cat say?
  • Baby: Meow!
  • Parent: Great job! Now, what does a horse say?
  • Baby: *crying voice* hey Marco, I can't even tell which bones are yours anymore

Yup, it’s that AU again :3

http://femaleglader.tumblr.com femaleglader


Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 13: Everyone’s favorite Samezuka Academy side-character duo

doodling more Erens. 

redraw of this

doodling more Erens. 

redraw of this

http://garbagechansan.tumblr.com/post/61904251626/well-i-guess-my-wednesdays-will-be-free garbagechansan


Well I guess my Wednesdays will be …. Free.


http://ohbirds.tumblr.com/post/98320350655/soulmates-level-over-9000 ohbirds


Soulmates level: over 9000

http://nain.tumblr.com nain


Kuroko no Basuke ended.

Tokyo Ghoul ended.

We still don`t know what`s in Yeager`s basement.

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